Tuesday, May 31, 2022

A Tale of Applied Clinical #Informatics, in Four Parts

Hi fellow CMIOs, CNIOs, #HealthIT, and other Applied Clinical #Informatics friends,

Today I'm writing today to share a tale of Applied Clinical #Informatics, in four parts(Or, "Why workflow analysis, naming conventions, indexing, and usability all really do matter.")

Feel free to leave comments at the end - Hope you enjoy it!

1. PART ONE - 

"I'm sorry, I don't have time to talk about workflow analysis, naming conventions, indexing, or usability - just give me everything I need in one place, and quick!!"

2. PART TWO - 

"Wait, that's not right, I can't use that. I still don't have time to talk about any of that workflow or usability stuff, but can you just put everything I need in one place so I can see it all and easily access everything I need with just one click?"


"Wait, that still doesn't look right, and I'm afraid I'm going to be scrolling forever. I still don't have the time to meet, but I heard there's some tool they use at another organization - Can you just find out what tool they use to do this, and then just put my stuff into whatever tool they use?"


"OK, wait... I think I see the problem. Let's make some time to talk about workflow, including exactly what these tools do - Both what I use them for, and when I use them. Then let's talk about the naming conventions and indexing for each tool, so they all have a standard look and feel. Then let's talk about usability, so that I keep the most commonly-needed tools in one place, and the less common tools in a separate but nearby place. And then finally after you build it - I'll help test it to make sure it's both functional (what-we-need) and also easy-to-use."

"Eureka - That's it!" 


Remember, this blog is for educational/discussion purposes only - Your mileage may vary. Have a good teaching example you'd like to share? Feel free to leave in the comments section below!


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