Sunday, March 26, 2023

Using AI to write a Scrubs Parody about Clinical Informatics

 Hi fellow CMIOs, CNIOs, and other Applied Clinical #Informatics friends,

If you follow the #HealthIT industry, you're probably already aware that many people are writing about ChatGPT, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool (only released in November 2022) that has already spawned a number of other AI tools.

Curious about this new technology, I created an account. And when I was finally offered the opportunity to try ChatGPT on my own, I of course asked it something really important, something I thought might provide insight and be really helpful in helping to reform healthcare : 

"Write a Scrubs episode with a new Clinical Informatics character."

I asked it this because I'm always looking for ways to make Clinical Informatics more tangible, practical, and friendly - and to help explain the many benefits of having a Clinical Informatics team in successfully implementing and maintaining electronic health records (EHRs). So with sincerest apologies (and flattery!) to Bill Lawrence and the cast of Scrubs, I'd like to share these educational, AI-created parodies below.

Interestingly, the first time I asked it this, ChatGPT wrote the following - I'll call it "Episode A" : 

Title: "The Informatics Consultant"

Act 1:

The episode opens with JD and Turk in the hospital cafeteria discussing their recent struggles with the hospital's outdated electronic health record system. Suddenly, a new character walks in, a Clinical Informatics consultant named Rachel. She overhears their conversation and offers to help them with their issues.

Act 2:

Rachel begins to work with JD and Turk, showing them how to optimize their workflows and use the EHR system more effectively. JD becomes infatuated with her intelligence and wit, but is too nervous to express his feelings.

Act 3:

Meanwhile, Dr. Cox becomes increasingly frustrated with the hospital's EHR system and demands that it be fixed. Rachel agrees to help him, but clashes with him over his reluctance to change his ways. Eventually, they find a compromise and Dr. Cox begins to appreciate Rachel's insights.

Act 4:

As Rachel continues to work with the staff, she discovers that the hospital's EHR system has several security vulnerabilities. She works with the IT department to develop a new security protocol, but her efforts are met with resistance from a group of doctors who don't want to change their habits.

Act 5:

In the final scene, a hacker gains access to the hospital's EHR system and threatens to release private patient information unless they pay a ransom. Rachel, JD, Turk, and Dr. Cox work together to stop the hacker and protect their patients' privacy. In the end, they succeed in preventing the data breach, and Rachel is hailed as a hero by the staff. JD finally works up the courage to ask her out on a date, and she accepts. The episode ends with them walking out of the hospital together, hand in hand.

And the second time I asked it this, it wrote the following - I'll call this one "Episode B" :

Title: "Data Doctors"

Act 1:

The episode opens with J.D. and Turk at the hospital cafeteria, discussing the latest technology trends in healthcare. As they talk, a new character walks up to them and introduces herself as Dr. Rachel Lee, the new Clinical Informatics specialist at Sacred Heart Hospital. She explains that her job is to use data and technology to improve patient care and safety.

Act 2:

Dr. Lee shows J.D. and Turk how to use the hospital's new electronic health record system. J.D. is initially skeptical and finds the system cumbersome, but Dr. Lee patiently guides him through the process and shows him how the system can help him make more informed clinical decisions.

Act 3:

Meanwhile, Elliot is struggling to keep up with the demands of her patient load. Dr. Lee offers to help by analyzing the hospital's data on patient flow and identifying ways to improve efficiency. With Dr. Lee's help, Elliot is able to streamline her workflow and spend more time with her patients.

Act 4:

Dr. Cox is initially dismissive of Dr. Lee's role at the hospital, but when he sees the improvements in patient care and safety that result from her work, he begins to appreciate her contributions. He even agrees to help her analyze some of the hospital's more complex data sets.

Act 5:

At the end of the episode, Dr. Lee presents her findings to the hospital's board of directors. She shows them how her work has led to significant improvements in patient outcomes and reduced costs. The board is impressed and agrees to provide more resources for Clinical Informatics at the hospital. J.D. and Turk, impressed with Dr. Lee's work, ask her to join them for drinks after work.

As the episode closes, the three of them walk off, discussing the future of healthcare technology and the important role that Clinical Informatics will play in it.

As far as fan fiction goes, which episode is better? It's fascinating to me that ChatGPT somehow offered two different responses to the same question - perhaps considering that my asking again meant its initial response was not exactly what I was looking for?

Anyway, if you're both a Clinical Informatics leader and a Scrubs fan, I thought I'd share this experiment with you for your own insights and feedback. Which episode do you like better? And could medical dramas include Clinical Informatics characters, to help better introduce their role in modern healthcare?

Remember, this blog is for educational and discussion purposes only - Your mileage may vary. Sincerest apologies and heartfelt appreciation to Bill Lawrence and the entire cast of Scrubs for making a show that clinical people could relate to

Have an opinion about using AI in healthcare? Or want to comment on which episode you would want to see? Feel free to leave it in the comments section below!