Monday, October 12, 2020

Top 15 Signs You May Work in Clinical Informatics

Hi fellow CMIOs, CNIOs, Clinical Informaticists, Clinical Informaticians, and other #workflow and #HealthIT friends,

Over the last 10 years, I've blogged a lot about different topics in applied Clinical Informatics, from change management to glossary development and workflow terminology management, to order set development. And yet, across the industry, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the other people who do this type of work, partly because: 

  • There are some people who 'do Clinical Informatics work', but are not labeled Clinical Informaticists / Clinical Informaticians in their job title. (Some are labeled CMIOs, CNIOs, Directors of Clinical Informatics, Clinical IT Analysts, Business Analysts, etc.)
  • There are some people who do have a job title like 'Clinical Informaticist/Clinical Informatician', but focus their efforts mostly on a particular branch of Informatics, without clear support for the other branches (often due to resource limitations).
  • Some 'Clinical Informatics' people focus their work for only their clinical specialty (e.g. 'Physician Informaticist', 'Nurse Informaticist', etc.)
So since in some regions, applied Clinical Informatics in 2020 still seems to be an emerging field, one that is fortunately becoming more formal and structured with the advance of more formal training and certification programs - I decided to spontaneously write a humorous piece on Twitter that could appeal to the 'Clinical Informaticist' (or 'Clinical Informatician') in all of us : 

Feel free to share with any Clinical Informaticists (
or Clinical Informaticians) you know with a sense of humor! :)

Remember, this blog is for education and discussion purposes only - Your mileage may vary. Have any helpful humor or insights about Clinical Informatics, job titles, and professional development? Feel free to leave them in the comments box below!

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