Monday, July 10, 2023

Definitions, Templates, Documents, and Workflow Design - the Video!

Hi fellow CMIOs, CNIOs, and other Informatics friends,

I'm writing today to share a video adaptation of a lecture I did last year for a Physicians in AMIA meeting (thanks to Dr. Richard Schreiber!), where I shared a bunch of the lessons I've learned during my 16-year career as an Applied Clinical Informaticist and CMIO. 

If you're interested in Applied Clinical Informatics or workflow design, I think you'll like this video. My adapted version is about 26 minutes long, but it contains as much information and background as I could fit. And with a standard YouTube format, you can now pause and resume on any slide!

(Click above icon to open)

So if Applied Clinical Informatics, workflow design, or reducing clicks and burnout are your thing, I hope this video helps you. Please feel free to leave questions or feedback in the comments section below!

And for those of you who prefer printed slides, instead of video - I'm also working on a printed version of this presentation shortly!

Have any helpful experiences in developing clinical workflows? Or just want to share any lessons learned? Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section below!

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