Thursday, November 7, 2019

Very funny IT video

Hi fellow HealthIT and Clinical Informatics friends,

I'm taking a break from my usual educational pieces, just had to share this hilarious video someone sent me from YouTube. If you've ever worked in HealthIT, you'll appreciate it:

Adapted from Jesus Quintero's show in Spain, adding the IT subtitles gives it a whole new life!

Hope you enjoyed it!

- Dirk :)


rwhitco said...

Laughed until I cried. Thanks Dirk!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Dirk. Thanks to this, neither I nor any of our application specialists can get anything done due to rolling around on the floor. And to think, we're taking an update next week!

John Poikonen, PharmD said...

Hilarious... thanks for a great Fri afternoon laugh.

Ralph Johnson said...

Thanks for the laugh Dirk. It is a nice reminder of the world I left behind!