Thursday, December 27, 2018

Building a Business Case for Clinical Informatics

Hi fellow Informatics leaders,

After my last post on The Offerings of Clinical Informatics, I'm planning a follow-up post on the business case for Clinical Informatics.

After all, we all know the clinical case - More predictable workflows, better clinical decision-support strategies, better data management, better engagement of clinical staff, and better prioritization of clinical improvement projects - But what exactly is the business case? Does having certified, well-trained, and well-supported clinical informatics professionals actually save money? Improve charge capture? Improve efficiency? If so, how much?

Sure, there are plenty of industry anecdotes - but I'm searching for published data too.

If you have any good anecdotes, and would be willing to share them for my next post, please leave a comment below, so I can compile them and share your story. And if you are aware of any good published data, please feel free to leave that too. 

More to come soon, and thank you all for your help.

- Dirk :)

Have any good anecdotes about the business case for clinical informatics? Or know of any published data? Feel free to leave information in the comments below!

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