Friday, October 1, 2010

Top things to do with your new CMIO

Dear CMIO-owner,

Congratulations on your new CMIO! With a few simple care instructions, your CMIO will serve you well and last a long time.

Here are some of the things you can do with your new CMIO :

1. Ask him/her to help design and develop an informatics platform for your healthcare organization.
2. Ask him/her for advice on how to budget for your next clinical IT project.
3. Instruct him/her to do clinical workflow analysis before you implement your next EMR rule.
4. Ask him/her for expert advice on clinical decision support - What it is, and why it could help your hospital.
5. Ask him/her to help fix and update your order set process to include evidence-based order sets.
6. Ask him/her to help dissect and improve your paper order sets.
7. Ask him/her to help design training curriculum for your physicians, and develop a training plan.
8. Ask him/her about "EMR Governance" and why people seem to write so much about it.
9. Instruct him/her to attend your Medical Executive Committee meetings and give expert input about clinical workflow issues.
10. Ask him/her to develop ARRA/HITECH educational summaries for your senior leadership.
11. Ask him/her to develop EMR implementation strategy.
12. Ask him/her for policy help in developing policies needed to support your EMR.
13. Ask him/her "What is informatics?" and "Do we need it?" and "Is this something other people should know about?"
14. Ask him/her to help develop physician buy-in for CPOE, Order Reconciliation, and other enterprise-wide EMR projects.
15. Ask him/her to build approval policies for your clinical tools.
16. Ask him/her to manage software upgrade projects.
17. Ask him/her to design informatics education materials for your department directors.
18. Ask him/her to network with other CMIOs to look for workflow solutions that meet the tough compliance questions.
19. Ask him/her to develop datamining solutions, so you can get quality data OUT of your EMR.
20. Ask him/her to work with your Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), and other leaders to fully implement your EMR and the order sets, protocols, and policies needed to support it.

We recommend keeping your CMIO out of direct sunlight, make sure he/she has a warm place to sleep, and most of all, never feed him/her after midnight.


The Manufacturer

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InformaticsMD said...

And then ignore all his or her advice, because the shiny-haired mental midgets from the vendor and the hospital IT department think they know best how to build systems for doctors. Besides, "doctors really don't do things with computers."